Enersol Condom Dimensions Testing Equipment

With the growing demand for automation, efficiency and accuracy, Enersol Automated Dimensions Testers are fast, easy to operate and reduces technician error.

All of ENERSOL's dimensions testers are designed to comply with current international standards and specifications for male condoms and female condoms. The ENERSOL dimensions testers are devices designed for easy use and have a long life even in dusty environments.

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Automated Condom Dimensions Testers

The length and width testers are automated, easy to operate and fast devices for measuring length, width and thickness. The testers use advanced optical techniques to measure the dimensions of the sample. These testers are made of durable plastics, and aluminium. They have integrated LED lighting and simple press button operation located either on the tester or built into the software.

The thickness tester uses a digital dial gauge that transmits resuls to the computer and comes with a known thickness sample, to aid in single-point checks. The thickness tester is made from machined aluminium and has a LCD to display clear figures. The solid base, marble test platform and controlled foot pressure ensure that the measurement is stable.


The Enersol Elength software allows the user to take readings in rotating (auto) or stationary (manual) mode. The user simply loads the condom onto the mandrel, presses the button and the system takes care of the rest.

A test of 13 condom samples can be completed and recorded in around 2 minutes, or less.


The Enersol EWidth software allows the user to take readings at 1, 2 or 3 points along the length of the condom. The user lays the condom over the test bar andaligns the open end of the condom (or closed end) with the markings on the tester. On the press of a button, the reading is taken by the software.

A test of 13 condom samples can be completed and recorded in only a few minutes


The Enersol EThick software allows the user to take 1, 2, 3 or more readings at 1 or more locations on the condom. The user raises the test foot, lay the condom flat on the test platform and with a simple button press, transmits the reading to the EThick software.

A test of 13 condom samples can be completed and recorded in only a few minutes.


Test results are captured by ENERSOL software, so there is no need for the operator to write results thus reducing the need for checking data and the potential for operator error. Simply place a condom on the device, press a button and the measurement is taken, displayed on screen, saved and can be printed on paper.

The software can be provided with or without user controls. With the user controls, the software offers powerful security and data audit tracking features, and is designed to safeguard data integrity; these features are also invaluable for those who need to meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

The software records the reading for each test sample, and where appropriate it calculates the mean, minimum and maximum for the set. Pass/fail criteria entered by the operator allow the software to calculate and display the pass/fail status for each sample. Rounding requirements can also be entered.


Each of the automated dimensions testers comes with a calibration device, and calibration is straight forward. In-house calibration is made simple as the software includes a calibration module and takes the calibration into account when calculating test results.

Each package includes the Automated Dimension Tester, calibration device, testing software, operation manuals, spare parts and any other required accessories. The design of each tester accounts for the wide range of sizes of test samples and to follow the requirements of the ISO, ASTM, EN, AS/NZS and similar standards.

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Manual Condom Dimensions Devices

Each of the manual dimensions devices comes calibrated.

The design of each tester accounts for the wide range of sizes of test samples and to follow the requirements of the ISO, ASTM, EN, AS/NZS and similar standards.


This mandrel is an acrylic cylinder with a domed top and has a rule inset, facilitating testing to ISO/EN and other condom standards. Enersol has devices for male and female condoms.


The Width Rule consists of a stand manufactured from acrylic, which holds a graduated calibrated steel ruler horizontally.


This tester is a stand-alone digital thickness gauge, and comes with a calibration certificate. The user is required to record each reading manually, and take into account the calibration.

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