Enersol Condom Leaks Testing Equipment

Enersol leakage testers comply with the requirements of ISO, WHO, ASTM and similar standards for male condoms and female condoms. Enersol's Visual Leaks Tester can also be used to test medical gloves.

There are three main test methods for testing the compliance of condoms with water leakage (freedom from holes) requirements, these include:

Enersol's leaks testers are designed with these methods and standards in mind. Some systems can also be modified or designed to meet your own testing specifications.

The ENERSOL UFCLT and ELT operate on the principle of conductivity. The condom is filled with a conductive solution and then dipped in a bath of a similar conductive solution. The condom itself acts as an insulator, separating the two solutions. If there is a hole in the condom the insulation is broken and an electric current will flow between the solution in the condom and the solution in the bath.

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Below are videos for the UFCLT (left) and ELT (right) in action.


ENERSOL's Ultra fast Conductivity Leaks Tester (UFCLT) is speedy, efficient and designed to comply with the requirements of ISO4074 and similar standards.

The tester is compact and extremely rapid to use with five (5) independent auto-raising and lowering test heads. The condoms that past the test are automatically ejected from the system. The tester can be safely and comfortably operated by a single operator in a standing or seated position.

The UFCLT has an accurate delivery system with illuminated delivery chamber and overall, is easy to maintain. This latest design allows for a larger range of condom sizes to be tested.

There are variants of the UFCLT designed to comply with the conductivity leaks test methodologies in ISO4074:2002, ISO4074:2015 or both. The latter includes a built-in facility to easily swap between the methods as needed.

The default version supplied is for ISO4074:2015 and it dispenses a volume as stipulted in the standard. After filling, the test head lowers into the bath containing the solution and the voltage is measured from entry until 10 seconds has elapsed. When a condom passes the test head raises to the start position and automatically ejects the condom from the test head and out of the UFCLT system to collect in a tray beside the unit. Should a condom conduct the test head raises to the start position, for the technician to inspect, remove the condom and roll to check for leaks.

A single experienced operator can test 315 naked/un-foiled condoms in around 30 minutes or less.


The Electrical Leaks Tester (ELT) is compact and economically priced. It has ten test head hangers that lower at the same time. It can be safely and comfortably operated by a single technician.

The ELT has multiple test modes including:

  • Conductivity mode for ISO4074:2015
  • Visual mode

In conductivity mode the 10 test heads lower into the bath with a simple button press. The condoms are tested and then the test heads raise to the start position. Condoms that conduct will illuminate on the control box, and a message will appear on screen in the leaks software. These condoms require inspection/rolling to check for leaks. The condoms are to be manually removed from each test head by the technician.

In visual mode the test heads remain at the upper position, and while the system was not designed specifically for visual method testing, this mode provides added flexibility to the system. It enables laboratories to swap between methods without the need of additional equipment.

The ELT also has a switch to enable testing using only the front 5 test heads, which assists in testing the final 5 condoms when testing 315 condoms, or for visual leaks testing (better viewing).

Testing with the ELT takes around 2 minutes per dip of 10 condoms.


The ENERSOL Visual Leaks Testers are compact devices complying with the requirements of ISO, EN, ASTM and other male condom, female condom and glove standards.

Each tester consists of a rotating carousel with holders mounted on an ergonomic stainless steel stand with an integral water reservoir. The stand has been designed in response to user suggestions, and has comfort of the operator in mind.

The unit is equipped with a control panel which allows the user to pre-select the number of samples to be tested and it displays the number remaining to be tested.

The user rotates the carousel and an accurately measured volume of water is dispensed into the test sample. When the sample has been checked by the technician for leaks, the water is emptied by the technician into the VLT tray and recirculated in the system.

Water is stored in an integral reservoir and a pump in the reservoir feeds water through a non-return valve, a gate-valve and a tube into the dispensing tank. The dispensing tank has an overflow tube which maintains the water level. When the required amount of water is let into the dispensing tank the pump stops until the specimen is filled. A sensor detects the correct water level and stops the filling operation.

In spite of its compact size the tester speed matches that of much larger machines. The ENERSOL leaks tester comes in 4 models - for male condoms, for female condoms, for gloves, and a combined model that can accommodate any combination of these test head carousels. The structure is the same for all models, with variations in the carousels and the control box (switch between two set volumes).


The UFCLT and ELT come with advance leaks testing software. Test results are captured by ENERSOL software, so there is no need for the operator to write results thus reducing the need for checking data and the potential for operator error.

The software can be provided with or without user controls. With the user controls, the software offers powerful security and data audit tracking features, and is designed to safeguard data integrity; these features are also invaluable for those who need to meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

The software records the reading for each test sample, and where appropriate it calculates the mean, minimum and maximum for the set. Pass/fail criteria entered by the operator allow the software to calculate and display the pass/fail status for each sample.


Each of the leakage testers comes with a calibration device, and calibration is straight forward. In-house calibration is made simple and information on calibration appears in manuals.

Each package includes the leaks tester, calibration device, testing software (with UFCLT and ELT), operation manuals, spare parts and any other required accessories. The design of each tester accounts for the wide range of sizes of test samples and to follow the requirements of the ISO, ASTM, EN, AS/NZS and similar standards.

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