Enersol Condom Lubricant Quantity Testing System

ENERSOL has designed a testing system for the determination of lubricant quantity according to the requirements of ISO4074:2002/2014 and similar standards.

The ENERSOL lubricant quantity system is fast, easy to use and requires no results to be hand written, thus eliminating that aspect of technician error.

The system comprises of all the necessary equipment and software to automate and speed up lubricant quantity testing. The system can be supplied without a laboratory balance if one is to be supplied by the laboratory, provided it meets Enersol's minimum system specifications.

The system includes ultrasonic cleaning baths controlled by a specially designed timer system and a drying system is available, upon request. An electronic balance connected to ENERSOL designed ELube software, calculates and records the test data.

The specially designed ELube software calculates the quantity of lubricant on each pack tested. It also shows the pass/fail result based on limits and criteria entered by the technician.

To ensure accuracy the software asks the user to verify a known measurement before every test, including the continuation of an incomplete test. A suitable reference weight is provided with the equipment.

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