Enersol Condom Package Seal Integrity Testers

ENERSOL's Wet Package Seal Integrity Testers are designed to meet the requirements of the ISO 4074:2015 standard for natural rubber latex male condoms, ISO 23409:2011 standard for synthetic male condoms, WHO Specifications for male condoms and female condoms, and ISO 25841:2014 standard for female condoms.

The Enersol WPSIT has an integral touch screen operation panel that is simple to use. The user simply loads the condoms into the testing platform and follows the prompts on-screen to set up and perform a test.

The testers hold condom packs separately so they are individually visible during the test. The equipment includes automated raising and lowering of the testing platform to facilitate easy fitting of the condoms into the chamber.

The tester has a capacity for 16 male condoms each dip and can easily be modified to fit other kinds of packages. The female condom wet package seal tester has dividers for 8 female condoms per dip.

The wet package integrity tester is suitable for the current wet package seal integirty test of ISO4074 and can also be used for dry package seal testing.

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