ENERSOL enjoys relationships with its customers both directly and through its valued partners


Gage Crib Worldwide Inc. has over two decades of experience specialising in screw thread measurement, and are expert in the sales of inspection tools, including those for Medical Small Bore Connectors. They provide expert assistance to our customers in selecting the exact equipment needed to conduct the tests they demand.

Gage Crib Worldwide are Enersol's distributor of gauges, reference connectors and equipment for testing small bore connectors and syringes in North America.

Phone: +1-616-954-6581
E-Mail: gageguy@gagecrib.com



SDIPH was founded to provide Haemodialysis equipment in Morocco, and currently provides a wider range of medical devices and related equipment.

Phone: +212-522-277-983
E-Mail: Mr Abdelilah El Mellakh (sdiph01@gmail.com)


DOEKA is an ENERSOL agent and together, DOEKA and ENERSOL combine over 80 years of experience in testing, handling and packaging of condoms, medical gloves and other medical products.

Together the companies provide a wide range of knowledge for the benefit of their customers.

Skype: doeka.alexander.hummel
E-Mail: Mr Alexander Hummel (a.hummel@doeka.com)


Jinan Huanzheng Technology Development Co. Ltd is engaged in the research, production, development and sales of automatic control systems.

JHTD represents ENERSOL in mainland China namely for ENERSOL's range of gauges, reference connectors and equipment for testing small bore connectors, needles, catheters and syringes.

Phone: +86-531-6789-6697
E-Mail: Mr Fang (fyth19@163.com)

Maxinnop Enterprise

Maxinnop Enterprise Co., Ltd. is mostly engaged in the sales of biotechnology and medical equipment in Taiwan.

Maxinnop Enterprise represents ENERSOL in Taiwan in the supply of testing equipment and related services. The range includes ENERSOL's equipment for condoms, gloves, syringes, needles and small bore connectors.

Phone: +886-2-2715-5527
E-Mail: Mr Welly Lee (info@maxinnop.com.tw)


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