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Enersol is a global leader in medical equipment manufacturing and testing technologies. With offices located in Sydney, Australia and Penang, Malaysia, Enersol is a trusted name in quality assurance and testing across the globe. 
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About Us

Enersol is a leader in providing the medical device industry with testing equipment, services and expert advice.  Enersol’s high-quality testing equipment is used in regulatory laboratories, third-party testing laboratories and medical device manufacturer laboratories internationally while our independent testing services are globally renowned and trusted by medical device manufacturers and regulatory bodies across the world.

Whether you require world-leading and trusted medical device testing equipment, testing services, or expert advice, speak with us today about how we can partner with you to ensure the highest standards of quality conformance and reliability on your products.

We provide medical testing equipment, and laboratory testing services in the following categories:


Reproductive Health Care Products
Whether you require trusted medical testing equipment, or world leading testing services, speak with us today about how we can partner with you to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability in your medical devices and products.
At Enersol, we pride ourselves on being a global leader in quality assurance and testing for medical devices and products.
We design and supply a comprehensive range of reference connectors, testing equipment and accessories for testing the properties of small-bore connectors, syringes and needles. Our models are designed and manufactured with simplicity, reliability and accuracy in mind.
Enersol is a leader when it comes to manufacturing the highest quality precision medical testing equipment. Our products are preferred by the medical device industry, backed by our outstanding reputation, ongoing support services, and ability to cater to a wide range of client needs.
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Laboratory Services

Enersol is an industry leader with a comprehensive range of testing services for male condoms, female condoms and other reproductive healthcare products. We use the highest quality testing technology manufactured in-house to achieve accurate results and provide our clients with peace of mind that their product meets the requirements.

We provide comprehensive lab testing services for medical examination and surgical gloves. Our team of highly experienced lab technicians can conduct a range of tests, using our world-leading equipment most of which is designed and manufactured in-house to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to quality assurance. 
We provide a diverse range of stakeholders in the medical device industry from manufacturers developing a new product or requiring quality assurance for product release, through to purchasers and distributors of medical devices, all the way through to regulatory bodies performing surveillance, with comprehensive and accurate laboratory testing services for syringes, needles and small-bore connectors.
Our labs are filled with highly trained technicians capable of testing a range of medical and non-medical devices. For example, we can test hot water bottles, microwaveable heat packs and children’s toys to ensure that they are compliant with regulatory, ISO and similar standards.  We design and manufacture our own world-leading equipment in-house ensuring that our team has the highest level of control and accuracy when it comes to your quality assurance needs.
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