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Established in the early 1980s, Enersol emerged as a pioneering force in the global latex industry and has evolved into the premier provider of cutting-edge medical device testing technologies. 

With a focus on rubber and latex, Enersol has solidified its position as a global industry leader. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with a subsidiary testing facility in Penang, Malaysia, we design and develop state-of-the-art laboratory testing equipment and software, utilised by regulatory authorities, third-party testing testing facilities and condom and medical device manufacturers worldwide.

With over 30 years of expertise, Enersol’s laboratories boast advanced capabilities for testing a diverse range of medical devices, including condoms, gloves, small-bore connectors, needles and syringes. Committed to excellence, Enersol offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing laboratory testing, user training, equipment design and development, consultation, maintenance and calibration. Enersol upholds the highest levels of quality assurance in all its endeavors and is accredited as conforming with ISO 17025 and certified as conforming with ISO 9001.

Enersol’s strong reputation for excellence began over 30 years ago. We design and supply a range of quality testing equipment for condoms, gloves, small-bore connectors and other devices. Our equipment is precision-engineered in-house and supplied to the global medical device industry.

Enersol and its team of experts are committed to providing the highest level of reliable and personalised attention to our customers all over the world.

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Student research led Enersol’s founder, Dr John Gerofi, to the publication of a book on contraceptive methods. This in turn led to a place on Australia’s inaugural Condom Standards Committee in 1973, and shortly afterwards Dr Gerofi was selected as the National Representative on the International Standards Organization’s Condom Standards Committee, a position he still holds.


Dr John Gerofi founded Enersol as a multidisciplinary consulting practice, becoming a key player in the world latex industry. Dr Gerofi became well known and respected with condom and glove regulatory authorities and manufacturers globally.


Enersol was formally established as a testing laboratory and began testing condoms for WHO and other organisations, developed an inflation burst volume and pressure system and water leakage tester for male condoms, and started the world’s first condom and glove testing proficiency trials. Enersol’s team grew with the inclusion of Grace Iskander, Hung Truong, Manhong Huang and Anthony Pezzutto in technical roles.


Enersol introduced its optical testing equipment for measuring condom and glove dimensions, its Automated Inflation Systems for male and female condoms, and expanded its testing services to include a broader range of products. Lisa Henretty joined Enersol in a technical role in its growing team of technical experts.


Enersol’s Ultra Fast Conductivity Leaks Tester was introduced, and became widely used by condom manufacturers and regulatory laboratories. The Australian operations expanded into other testing areas and established its lab in Malaysia, with Azmi Hassan and Rosnah Hussin joining Enersol Sdn Bhd. The Australian team was further strengthened when Jing Chen and Yuner Huang joined Enersol, and Lisa Henretty was appointed as Business Manager.


Enersol expanded into testing the safety of children’s toys, tampons, dams, and an array of other devices. The automated wet package seal tester for male and female condoms was introduced. Bringing his Engineering technical background, Ghazaly Murshid joined Enersol.


Enersol further expanded its expertise into small-bore connector testing and equipment, adding to the technical capacity and enhancing medical device quality. Enersol’s Engineering technical team grew with Cang Huynh and Wan Luo joining Enersol. Khairulridzwan Jaafar joined Enersol as its Quality Executive, strengthening its quality systems management and driving continuous improvement.


Founder Dr. Gerofi, after four decades at the helm, transitioned to a special advisor role, with Lisa Henretty stepping up as COO. Enersol began operating as a subsidiary of Eudaemon Technologies – an innovative medical device company located in Australia. Our team consists of staff members of the highest caliber, across a range of medical and engineering disciplines.

Our Team

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Nick Northcott


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Lisa Henretty



Hung Truong

Equipment and Servicing Manager

laboratory services expert

Grace Iskander

Laboratory Manager, Sydney

medical device equipment calibration

Azmi Hassan

Operations Manager, Penang

medical device equipment calibration

Khairulridzwan Jaafar

Quality Executive

medical device testing expert

Yuner Huang

Engineer – Software

quality calibration equipment expert

Cang Huynh

Engineer – Mechanical

laboratory testing expert

Man Hong Huang

Technical Officer, Sydney

medical device equipment calibration

Rosnah Hussin

Laboratory Officer, Penang

medical device equipment calibration

Ghazaly Murshid

Engineering Service Officer

medical device calibration

Wan Qing Luo

Engineering Operations, Sydney

laboratory testing expert

Jing Chen

Laboratory Operations, Sydney

medical device calibration

Anthony Pezzutto

Engineering Operations, Sydney

laboratory testing expert

Yolanda Magat

Laboratory Technician, Sydney

laboratory testing expert

Mihoko Koizumi

Sales and Finance Administrator