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Enersol is accredited as conforming with the requirements of ISO 17025 by NATA in its Sydney laboratory (Enersol Pty Ltd) and Standards Malaysia in its Penang laboratory (Enersol Sdn Bhd). Enersol is also certified as conforming with ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas in its Sydney office and SIRIM in its Penang office.
Enersol’s accredited testing services include natural rubber latex and synthetic male condoms and female condoms, lubricant compatibility with condoms, small-bore connectors, examination gloves, surgical gloves, syringes, needles, dams (barrier membranes), tampons, hot water bottles, Luer lock fittings, Luer taper fittings, microwaveable heat packs sampling and the safety of children’s toys.

Enersol’s ISO 9001 certification covers the above, as well as the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of testing equipment for medical devices and rubber products, and the provision of proficiency trials.

Enersol also participates in and conducts annual Interlaboratory Proficiency Trials for condoms and gloves, and other trials for syringes, needles, and small bore connectors.

Quality and Technology

Enersol is committed to achieving the highest standards in laboratory testing equipment and design, laboratory software and data presentation.

The company engages in continuing research and development. We are quick to adapt  technology and software to meet any changes required by standards or regulations. Enersol executives participate as experts in the ISO condom and small-bore connector technical committees and participate in Malaysian and Australian committees for mechanical contraception devices.

List of accreditations:

Enersol laboratories are accredited for tests on: