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Interlab Proficiency Trials

As a world-leading quality assurance testing company in the medical device industry, Enersol provides laboratory proficiency trials for condoms, gloves and other devices. Our testing laboratories are accredited as conforming with ISO 17025, and a key requirement of this accreditation is the participation in Proficiency Trials. Enersol’s trials are the largest of their kind, and provide the participants with detailed reports and guidance. Enersol’s ISO 9001 certification scope includes the provision and reporting for proficiency trials.

What does this mean for our testing customers and to participants of Enersol proficiency trials?

Participating in Proficiency Trials is a key activity for ensuring performance and proficiency in testing techniques. It is also a requirement of ISO 17025 accreditation bodies. Participation in PT allows laboratories to compare their results and techniques against other participants to ensure that they consistently perform to the industry standard and aim for continuous improvement.

Enersol participates in proficiency trials for the same reasons and to be the best in the world at what we do. The process also allows us to identify any issues, and conduct our own quality assurance on our services to maintain the highest level of proficiency and quality for our clients.

Enersol’s Interlab Proficiency Trials

As a company at the forefront of medical device testing, Enersol hosts its own proficiency trials: ‘Interlab PT’. Our Interlab Condom Proficiency Trials is the most established the world, with the largest number of participants and an extensive body of data. The Enersol Interlaboratory Trial of Condom Testing Laboratories started in the 1990s for the World Health Organisation and continues to grow and evolve to meet participants’ needs. 

Operating since 1998, we also conduct Interlaboratory Proficiency Trials for Glove testing laboratories, like the condom trial it is the largest of its kind and provides a diverse range of laboratories with the important feedback on their quality testing proficiency. 

All laboratories who test condoms and gloves are welcome to participate in Enersol’s trials. We welcome participation from our global community. Confidentiality is assured through coded results and data, and participation is vital in assisting laboratories seeking ISO 17025 accreditation.

Contact us today to participate in Enersol’s Interlaboratory Proficiency Testing trials.