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Enersol's testing equipment and services are the preferred choice for the condom and medical device industries. Backed by our outstanding reputation in reliability, quality, accuracy and ongoing personalised support services, we can cater to a wide range of customer needs in testing services and equipment. 

We commenced our journey providing testing services and equipment for the condom industry, and have played an integral role in the development of global quality assurance standards as a key stakeholder to the ISO technical committees for male and female condoms and small-bore connectors. We understand the critical need for accuracy, repeatability and reliability when it comes to quality testing and assurance. Our extensive industry involvement means that we are trusted by the world’s leading condom manufacturers, distributors, donors and regulatory bodies. Our passion for quality is reflected in the design and craftsmanship of our products which are sold directly, or through our distributor network located around the world.

If you’re not ready to purchase your own unit and would prefer using the services of our highly-expert and accredited laboratories to conduct testing on your behalf, please visit our testing page.

Our range of equipment includes:

inflation leakage testing
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condom quality testing

Automated Inflation Systems (for male and female condoms)

Enersol’s Automated Inflation System (AIS) is quality engineered to measure the burst volume and pressure of condoms. Available in sets of 2 to 16 heads, these systems are widely used throughout the industry. The AIS measures condoms to ensure they meet a range of international standards.
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Enhanced Electrical Leaks Tester

This unit performs the ISO 4074:2015 electrical leaks method and in enhanced detection mode it assists in finding small, difficult to find holes. This unit assists laboratories seeking to adopt the ISO TC 157 committee draft of ISO 4074 with hole detection verification requirements. This unit is suitable for latex and synthetic male condoms that do not have inherent conductive properties.

medical device testing

Ultra Fast Conductivity Leaks Tester

Enersol’s Ultra Fast Conductivity Leaks Tester (UFCLT) is a 5 head rapid testing system for the ISO 4074:2015 electrical leaks method. Engineered with precision, the machine has independent moving heads with the ability to auto-inject condoms after successful electrical testing. Some manual squeeze procedures are required from the user. The unit is suitable for male latex and synthetic condoms that do not have inherent conductive properties.

condom testing

Visual Leaks Tester (Condoms)

Enersol’s visual leaks testers are versatile and provide laboratories with flexibility to test male condoms, female condoms, gloves or a combination of these products. These units adhere to ISO, EN and ASTM standards for visual leakage tests (watertightness and freedom from holes). These units have easy to use touch-screen operation and adjustable water level sensors to assist laboratories in quick set up.
reproductive health care products quality testing

Automated Wet Package Seal Testers (for male and female condoms)

Introducing Enersol’s automated wet package seal integrity tester for ISO 4074:2015, ISO 25841:2017 and similar standards. With a simple touch-screen interface, operating the automated testing process is easy and fast. Available for male condoms, female condoms or both, the vacuum chamber has individual viewing cells for ease of testing.
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Automated Dimensions Testers (Length and Width)

Enersol’s automated dimensions testers for length and width provide laboratories with accurate and speedy measurement of condoms. The units utilise non-contact optical measurement and the length model has a rotating mandel. The units are connected to computers and capture calibrated results for a high level of accuracy.
calibration maintenance

Automated Thickness Tester (Male and Female condoms)

Enersol’s automated thickness tester provides laboratories with accurate and speedy measurement of condoms. The unit is connected to a computer and capture calibrated results for a high level of accuracy.
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Lubricant Quantity Testing System

Through a washing and weighing method the Lubricant Quantity Testing System (ELUBE) is an advanced system which enables your lab team to accurately perform lubricant quantity testing with a high level of accuracy by digitising your results, to remove any manual recording of data.

pressure testing device

Dry Package Seal Integrity Tester

Enersol’s dry package seal integrity tester is suitable for the UNFPA dry package seal method and the committee draft edition of ISO 4074. These units are shipped with clamping devices and a vacuum pump.

reproductive healthcare quality testing
Enersol has a range of other testing accessories and devices, such as manual testers for width, length, thickness and tensile testing accessories for condoms. Contact us to find out more.